While many definitions of addiction focus on the misuse of substances, the American Society of Addiction Medicine defines addiction as a chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory, and pathways. Addiction is now thought to be a disease influenced by genetic, biological, social, and psychological factors. Being the child of someone who struggled with addiction places you at a higher risk of addiction. Co-occurring disorders such as trauma, anxiety, and depression can also put you at a higher risk.  Likewise, growing up with the use of drugs and alcohol normalized or without learning practical coping skills can increase your risk. Those who struggle with addiction may continue to use a substance regardless of mounting negative consequences and pressure from loved ones to stop. Continued and regular drug and alcohol use changes the pathways in the brain; it changes how someone who is suffering from addiction sees their own behavior and the world around them. If you’ve been using drugs and alcohol regularly, your brain no longer knows how to function without them. If you’ve found yourself wondering how you’ve reached this point and you don’t know how to stop, we can help. At our Orange County detox center, we understand the difficulty you face in putting down the drugs. We know that it’s not just about the physical effects and that drugs have become a part of how you function. We will support you, starting with detox, to rid your body of the drugs and then help you do the work to live without them going forward. 

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What is Detoxification?

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration defines detoxification as a set of interventions to manage acute intoxication and withdrawal. Detoxification involves the clearing of toxins from the body while minimizing physical harm. Detoxing without medical supervision can not only be uncomfortable; it can be dangerous and even fatal. During supervised detoxification, clinical staff will monitor your vital signs and other indicators to ensure that you are safely detoxing. Additionally, medication may be prescribed to enable your body to rid itself of the toxins in the safest way possible. Detoxification is a medical intervention; it does not address the psychological, social, or spiritual manifestations of addiction. While it does clear the body to prepare you for treatment, detoxification on its own is not treatment. 

The truth about detox is that it’s not fun. It’s hard, and that’s why you’ll want to do it in a safe and supported environment such as our San Juan Capistrano detox center. While we’ll be there to help manage the symptoms and ensure your safety, we’ll be there for more than that. We’ll be there to support you and to help you remember the goal that you’ve set yourself. In the thick of detoxing, you may think you want to use again so that you can stop feeling the withdrawal symptoms. We will be there to cheer you on and to help you remember why you decided to get sober. 

Drug Detox Program

Explore the signs and symptoms of drug abuse and how our drug detox program in Orange County can help.

Alcohol Detox Program

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Residential Inpatient

Discover how our Orange County residential inpatient program can help you overcome addiction for good.

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Insurance can pay for treatment.

Life Vessel Treatment & Recovery Centers work with most major insurance plans to help minimize out-of-pocket costs associated with treatment. To find out your benefits & coverage options, fill out our free insurance verification form now. One of our caring admissions coordinators will contact you shortly with your free, personalized treatment solutions.

Withdrawal Symptoms & Detox Timeline

In the same way that each drug you take produces a different high, they all have different effects on the body during the withdrawal process. Typically the result is the opposite, but this is not always true. The effects of withdrawal become even more complicated when you have regularly used multiple drugs as your body will be withdrawing from them all simultaneously. It is important to note that the legal or illegal status of a drug does not correlate to the severity of withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol is the most dangerous drug from which to withdraw and many prescription medications can cause dangerous symptoms during withdrawal. 

The detox process will typically last three to ten days, depending on your drug or drugs of choice, the length of time you have been using, and the amount you have been using. Some drugs may take longer, and this will be addressed during your treatment planning. Nearly all drugs cause anxiety, restlessness, and perspiration during withdrawal. Stimulants such as cocaine and hallucinogens result in more psychological symptoms, while opioids cause pain and gastrointestinal symptoms. Benzodiazepines, such as Valium and other depressants, can result in changes to your blood pressure and heart rate. Both depressants and alcohol can ultimately cause seizures which can be fatal. Because of the potential for such dangerous symptoms during withdrawal, medical supervision is recommended. Detox can be done on an outpatient basis, but not in all cases.

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What to Expect When Entering a San Juan Capistrano Detox Center

When you arrive at our Orange County detox center, you will begin by answering a lot of questions. For our detox team to best support you, we need to learn about you, your history, drug use, and more. It will feel invasive, and you may find yourself frustrated with the process. Know that it’s normal to get frustrated or feel overwhelmed. Also, know that our doctors, nurses, and support staff ask these questions to create an individualized treatment plan with your safety as the priority. Your honest answers help us partner with you to provide you with safe and informed care. It is essential that you are honest about your own health, the drugs you have used, and how often you have used them. 

Our Rehab Center in
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Our rehab center offers both detox and residential inpatient treatment in Orange County. During detox, our staff works with you to rid your body of the drugs so that you can be stabilized and ready to enter into the substance abuse treatment phase of your recovery. We understand that not everyone can attend inpatient treatment. And if finances or family obligations make it impossible for you to stay for inpatient residential treatment, we will work with you during detox to find outpatient treatment and peer support recovery groups to help you do the work of recovery. If, however, you can remain at our San Juan Capistrano detox center for inpatient treatment, we will work with you through a wide range of therapies and activities aimed at clearing the pain of your addiction while helping you to build a life in recovery. 

You’ll participate in group and individual therapy, yoga, breathwork, and other activities. Our treatment team employs a wide range of evidence-based treatments. We understand that many who find themselves struggling with addiction may have a history of trauma, depression, anxiety, or other co-occurring disorders. We utilize cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), motivational interviewing, exposure therapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), and more. Your treatment plan will blend these therapies to help you identify what led you to addiction while you pave the road out. And your time at our treatment center in San Juan Capistrano won’t just be about work; we’ll remind you that you can have fun without using drugs. We’ll watch movies, ride go-karts, play ping pong and video games and hold meetings on the beach. 

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Once you’ve decided to get sober, your next step is deciding how and where to get sober. At Life Vessel Treatment Recovery Center, we believe that people suffering from addiction disorders can thrive in the right environment. With services designed to support you as you grow, we will tailor your treatment plan to meet you where you are. We know that each person who comes to Life Vessel Treatment Recovery Center is a unique and complex “being” deserving of our unconditional respect, objectivity, focus, effort, and professionalism. This is the cornerstone of all we do. Contact us today to learn how we can support your road into recovery.